Membership Guidelines

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Club Membership Guidelines and Expectations

1. Our Speaker Coordinator will designate and remind speakers within 4-14 days of their allotted time.

2.  Members must attend the meeting before they are scheduled to speak or must have an excused absence for that week to be able to present at their allotted time. To be excused members must let the Speaker Coordinator know of the planned absence the meeting prior to their allotted speaking time.

3. It is okay for the speaker to arrange with another group member to switch their times.  If this happens, the scheduled speaker is responsible for notifying our speaker coordinator of the change so the official records will be kept current.

4.  If a member prefers to give up their speaker spot temporarily or entirely, please notify our speaker coordinator at least 4 weeks ahead of the member’s next scheduled speaking time.

5.  Please respect your opportunity to speak.  If you need to change your time, it is your responsibility to find an alternate speaker.  You may bring your employee or associate, or you may switch spots with another group member.  The opportunity to speak to other successful entrepreneurs is very valuable and enhances brand awareness and increases your rate of getting referrals.  Don’t let your fellow group members down, don’t let their referrals go to a random competitor because your services/products are not fully understood – take advantage of this fabulous opportunity.

Attendance and Participation

1.  SVEC allows only one member in each professional category.  If a guest applies to become a member and there is a potential category conflict, or conflict of interest, the guest and the member with the potential conflict shall discuss the situation.  If there is a disagreement, the board will decide if the guest is allowed into the group.

2.  Members are expected to attend meetings regularly.  Absences may be excused if a member of the board is notified before the meeting in question.  If a member has more than 5 unexcused absences in a year, the board may deem the member to have voluntarily resigned from SVEC.  The board may revoke an individual’s membership status if it is determined that continued membership is not in the best interest of the member and the group.  Any member who has left the group voluntarily (membership not revoked by the board), may, at a future date, be considered for membership in SVEC again, provided that the category applied for is available.

Membership Fees

During the Covid pandemic SVEC has been meeting online via Zoom.  Membership fees and chambers of commerce membership have been suspended during this time.

The following information is published here for historical purposes only.  When the group returns to in-person meetings this page will be updated to reflect that.

1. The membership fee as of 2019 is $220 for 6 months.  The fee covers the basic membership fee and cost for breakfast.  The restaurant requires a certain amount of breakfast orders to secure the room.  This fee is designed to cover that requirement.

2. If a guest joins after October 15, the membership fee shall be prorated.  If a member fails to maintain current membership, by the first February meeting, guests can join in the member’s place.  Membership fees are non-refundable.

4.  Members are encouraged and expected to participate in giving referrals to their fellow group members.  Giving referrals encourages other members to reciprocate.

Chamber of Commerce Meetings

1.  Members shall wear their SVEC badges at all times.  If member has not received their SVEC badge yet, member shall not wear any badges to the meetings (unless they are individual members of the respective chamber as well).

2.  Members shall introduce themselves as SVEC members at chamber meetings.  The chambers have made this a condition of our discounted group membership.  If you represent yourself, this compromises the group’s ability to maintain our chamber memberships.

3.  Before attending a chamber meeting, make sure to appropriately RSVP to the respective chamber as an SVEC member.




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